Price Matching

Price Matching & Rate Policies

At Ocean Acres Ogunquit, we strive to provide our guests with the best possible rates and an exceptional level of service. We carefully set our prices to reflect the value of our accommodations, services, and amenities. To maintain the quality of our offerings and ensure a consistent pricing strategy, we have established a policy of not matching prices from other motels, hotels, or online travel agencies.

The following policy applies to all guests, reservations, and room bookings at Ocean Acres Ogunquit.

No Price Matching

Ocean Acres Ogunquit does not offer price matching with other motels, hotels, or online travel agencies. Our rates are determined based on various factors including seasonality, demand, and the quality of our services and amenities.

Rate Integrity

Our pricing strategy is designed to be transparent and competitive within the market. We continuously review and adjust our rates to ensure they represent the best value for our guests.

Promotions & Discounts

From time to time, Ocean Acres Ogunquit may offer special promotions, discounts, or packages. These offers are subject to specific terms and conditions and are not eligible for price matching with other providers.

Third-Party Booking Sites

While we collaborate with various online travel agencies and third-party booking sites, the rates listed on these platforms may vary. Ocean Acres Ogunquit is not obligated to match rates found on third-party sites.

Rate Changes

Room rates are subject to change without prior notice. However, once a reservation is confirmed, the rate at the time of booking will be honored.

Clarifications & Inquiries

For any questions or clarifications regarding our rates or this policy, guests are encouraged to contact our reservations team directly. We are committed to providing clear and accurate information to help guests make informed booking decisions.

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