Fishing and Boat Tours in Ogunquit, Maine

Experience the thrill of angling in one of Maine’s premier fishing destinations with the best fishing in Ogunquit, Maine. From serene riverbanks to deep-sea adventures, discover the perfect spots to reel in your next big catch amidst the stunning coastal landscapes of Ogunquit.

Bunny Clark Deep Sea Fishing

Over the years, we’ve been on a handful of fishing boats from Perkin’s Cove and Bunny Clark Deep Sea Fishing is the best of the bunch. Other boats will take you to two or three spots and sit all day – the Bunny Clark will move around until everyone starts catching fish. And what do you want to do during your deep sea adventure – look at the water or reel in the big one?

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Striker Charters

Another great boat to do some fishing on is Striker Charters. Like the Bunny Clark, Striker will move around all day until you’ve caught your fill of fish. We were impressed with just catching bait in the beginning of our venture, we didn’t care if we caught anything else. Give them a call below and get ready for some fun.

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Finestkind Scenic Cruises

Even though our family has been here for… ever, I still try to find time to enjoy a cruise every year at Finestkind Scenic Cruises. They offer a breakfast cruise, Nubble Lighthouse cruise, cocktail cruise, sailing cruise, and a lobstering trip. The rocky coast around Ogunquit and York is your backdrop to whichever cruise you choose. All of them are fantastic.

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